Friday, August 26, 2011

August - History

August 13th, 2011 - "Perspective in Downtown Kennewick"

We decided to work on perpsectives in downtown Kennewick this morning. Lunch as at "Willingham's" which closed the next day. Too bad, the food was good and priced reasonably. Maybe they should have advertised more. They were in the old "Between the Bridges Diner."

Another great day sketching and sharing.

See the sketches at this link.

August 27th, 2011 - "The Panorama of the Benton Franklin Carnival"

There may have been only two of us skteching today, but we still had a good time drawing, painting, and talking art.

Most of the conversation centered around the art scene in the tri-cities and how difficult it is to motivate other artists to come out and sketch.

Of course, it is summer. People are busy with family and vacations; and the heat these past few weeks has been in the upper nineties. One's home air-conditioner is similar to a nice cold popsickle to a kid in summer. That cool air is just way too nice to go outside, even for something fun!

Posted in left margin at "Aug 27," is a little watercolor Nancy did with her new Koi Watercolor kit. It's about 4"x4" and spectacular, don't you think?

Click here, or on the pic dated "Aug 27, 2011" in the right-hand margin to see the other images created at this fun spot!