Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Events

October 8th - The "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters" have another outing planned beginning at 10 am in the 509 Artspace parking lot.  Place, item, or event, has yet to be determined, but whatever it is we will have a good time.  Plan on lunch if you can.  That's when we share our work and talk mostly about ... art. 

October 15th - Normally the third Saturday of the month is Figure Drawing; however, Oct 15th has been designated as the "33rd World Wide Sketchcrawl," so we'll be out in the community drawing, sketching, painting again on this day. 

We will leave the parking lot at 10 am, as usual, and since the WWSketchcrawls are actually designed as marathon sketching days we will keep the option open for those who want to continue after the lunch into the mid/late afternoon.  Bring your supplies, snacks and drinks and if you can, plan on spending the day with us!!

October 22nd - If we can find a model, we'll be back in the Big Studio at the 509 Artspace.  Stay tuned.

October - History

October 1st - We had our second session with Sara Liebe, the ballerina.  Sarah has proven an exceptionally fine model for us.  We have her scheduled for three sessions, but due to conflicting events through the remainder of the month and most of November, we will bring her back for the third session either in December or sometime soon after the first of the new year, 2012.  Click here to see the images.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September - History

September 2nd - "Farmers' Market - Richland"

Six of our "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters" converged on the market this morning to capture the people and events of the day there. You can find our work at at this link, (click on "show info" to see which artist created the image on the screen).

September 17th - "Ballerina, Sara, in Studio"

We had a "packed house" for this session and another beautiful ballerina, Sara, to model for us. Though Sara had never held still for long poses, she performed perfectly for the artists holding the same pose through three 30 minute sessions. She will be with us again on Oct 1st and 15th as we work through this ballerina series.

September 24th - The "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters" began working on a collection of images designed to capture the flavor, aroma, and architectural styles of the many coffee shops here in the Tri-Cities (all puns intended).


Friday, August 26, 2011

August - History

August 13th, 2011 - "Perspective in Downtown Kennewick"

We decided to work on perpsectives in downtown Kennewick this morning. Lunch as at "Willingham's" which closed the next day. Too bad, the food was good and priced reasonably. Maybe they should have advertised more. They were in the old "Between the Bridges Diner."

Another great day sketching and sharing.

See the sketches at this link.

August 27th, 2011 - "The Panorama of the Benton Franklin Carnival"

There may have been only two of us skteching today, but we still had a good time drawing, painting, and talking art.

Most of the conversation centered around the art scene in the tri-cities and how difficult it is to motivate other artists to come out and sketch.

Of course, it is summer. People are busy with family and vacations; and the heat these past few weeks has been in the upper nineties. One's home air-conditioner is similar to a nice cold popsickle to a kid in summer. That cool air is just way too nice to go outside, even for something fun!

Posted in left margin at "Aug 27," is a little watercolor Nancy did with her new Koi Watercolor kit. It's about 4"x4" and spectacular, don't you think?

Click here, or on the pic dated "Aug 27, 2011" in the right-hand margin to see the other images created at this fun spot!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July - History

June 23rd: "32nd World Wide SketchCrawl"

We traveled out north of Pasco this day to a farm owned by a friend of our friend, Jan Watson. Most of us, mostly the guys, couldn't keep our eyes off the 1928 Chevy truck parked in the drive-way.

See our sketches here on our forum page at the "SketchCrawl" site.

Friday, June 3, 2011

June - History

June 4th: "Figure Drawing at the Space"

We had another great day figure drawing in the "Space" today. Jessica was our model and everyone really enjoyed the time we spent together. Jessica is a very comfortable model and that always makes for an enjoyable session.

Click here to see the pics.

June 11th: "Pasco Rail Yards"

We met at 10am in the parking lot at CBC, nearest the old Hawk sign there on the corner, then caravaned over to the railroad yard in Pasco to do some sketching of the old cars and wheels and tracks and other mechanical stuff lying about.

Click here to see the pics.

June 18th: Figure Drawing - "Cellist, Sydney"

We had a super session with our model, Sydney, today. She brought her cello and serenaded us throughout the draw. What great fun we had with this delightful young lady!!

See the pics here.

June 25th: Urban Sketching and Painting.

Summer got smack-dab in the way of this day. Everyone had other things to do, so we drew blanks.

See you in July.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May - History

Saturday: May 28th - Urban Sketchers and Painters

We met at 10am in Columbia Park this morning at 10, talked art for a while, then laid out our plans and went to work sketching the trees, the river, some of the people, and the sno-cone vendor.

The weather gods smiled down on us today with warm weather and blue skies for another great outing. Check out the pics at this link, or click the pic in the left-hand margin labeled May 28, 2011.

What great practise and such great folks, with common interests, to hang out with for a few hours.

Saturday: May 21st - "Ballerina"

The "509 Artspacers" enjoyed a very special session today with an 18 year old ballerina from the Mid-Columbia Ballet as a model.

Kaileigh will graduate high school in a few days and begin her college studies at UNLV in Las Vegas next year where she will study dance.

This summer she will spend a couple of weeks at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City in a workshop format with the Rockettes.

Saturday: May 14th - "Sketching the Old Tower"
Facing cold, gray and wet weather this morning, seven artists charged ahead and met with Malin Bergstrom of "Bergstrom Aircraft" who provided escort onto an area of the tarmac unavailable to the general public where we spent a few hours sketching and having a fun-filled time. Click here to see the pics.

Saturday: May 7th - Figure Drawing at the "Space"
Only two were here today, Nancy and Jim; and the model, William. We had a good time, but cut the time to two hours rather than three due to the model expenses. Thanks to William for graciously accepting the modification in his time and pay.